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Hospitality is about extending a warm welcome to guests. Exceeding expectations. Making people feel comfortable and appreciated. It is at the core of what we do for every aspect of our organization. It is how we take care to represent and extend the brand of our clients.


Our training program was developed and customized for The Car Park by the foremost luxury hospitality experts in the world. We were the first parking operator in the U.S. to work with this organization. Our goal is to be a hospitality provider that delivers an experience comparable to any high-end hospitality situation, rather than simply focusing on a parking customer service experience.


Consistent training, customer survey tools, and mystery shopping all provide accountability to the programs we offer.  We share this feedback with our clients for full transparency.

Software and System Tools

We utilize the technology that works best for each of our client settings, whether it’s valet software more suited to the hospital experience or an application that works best for a restaurant setting. Our mobile, SMS, and web solutions are always customized according to client needs.


Brands strive to provide the experience their customers want.  Customers value that experience.  These days it can be as much about the overall impression hotels leave for their customer, as it is about the product.  The Car Park works with hotels ranging from high-touch boutique lodgings to high-volume, high-end hotels. No matter the size or location, we’re here to extend your brand through our valet, doorman, and parking ambassador services.


A hospital experience can be stressful for all involved. In the hospital setting, creating a culture of hospitality is about patients and family being recognized and seen as more than just a customer.  Providing service with compassion, care, and recognizing the dignity of another human being are a critical aspect of hospitality in the hospital setting.  Our healthcare focused training program for our Valet, Patient Transport, and Parking Ambassador teams results in a positive end-to-end patient satisfaction experience.

Retail and Restaurant

Valet and parking ambassador services can add tremendous value to retail and restaurant environments. Often, a customer may disqualify a restaurant option that doesn’t have convenient parking.  A valet offering can also convey an upscale restaurant experience, complimenting your core product.  For retail environments, valet parking offers a convenient post-shopping solution to sometimes vast shopping area parking garages or lots. Let us design a site-specific program that projects and extends your brand.

How we help

We produce a culture of service excellence by learning your brand and combining it with our proven hospitality practices to exceed the expectations of customers in a warm, friendly, caring and professional manner.

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