Managing Complex Needs That Help Universities Thrive

A university is more than a place of learning — it often functions like a city within a city, with broad-ranging traffic and transportation needs that serve thousands of students, employees, visitors and fans. The Car Park offers tailored solutions for parking management, multifaceted transportation, traffic control, event management, analytics, courier services, permit management, enforcement services, and more.


Service first

We are consistently recognized for our service by universities and even the larger student and staff populations through our caring approach on the campuses we serve.

Partnerships that are built to last

We have University partnerships that are decades long and are maintained through an absolute commitment to scale and transform as university needs change. Adjusting to space management challenges, budget constraints, and providing affordable technology enhancements have produced partnerships that allow our university clients to differentiate themselves in the competitive University space.

Execution in operations

Permit management at universities can be complex and involve multiple permitting levels, virtual permitting systems, variable pricing, and accessibility solutions. Our comprehensive permitting systems help alleviate these challenges.

Our enforcement solutions, including LPR, integrate with permitting solutions, equipment, and payment systems to produce a seamless experience.

Transportation management to both on and off campus locations help our university partners provide a consistent staffing model.

Special Event Management

From high profile events to game days, our event team depth, shuttle and traffic control services, and technology management systems deliver event and game day experiences that showcase our university partners.

How we help

We focus on the entire user experience so it is easier than ever for your customers to find your services, use them, and pay promptly. With The Car Park, you’ll be able to provide a selection of amenities that will contribute to tenant loyalty and increase profitability over time.

Ready to start the conversation?

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