Partnering with healthcare systems to provide parking and transportation services enhancing the quality of frontline care.

Healthcare locations can be high-stakes environments that require top-notch logistical and customer service management solutions. Our expertise in delivering parking management, valet, shuttle bus, and courier services when every moment counts make us a dependable, knowledgeable partner for our healthcare clients.

Focused on Patient Experience

Our team receives healthcare focused training, backed by customer experience surveys, to ensure we are accountable, aligned with, and meeting the service goals of your facilities.

The patient and guest experience starts outside the entrance with our compassionate and certified teams, who take their role as members of the Initial Care Team seriously.

Parking Solutions

We provide visitor and employee parking, valet parking, enforcement, and reserve parking management focused on the needs of the unique constituencies in a healthcare environment.

We analyze efficiency and capacity to dynamically manage entrances and access points in emergency situations.


Our GPS-enabled shuttle bus, courier and home transportation services provide an extra level of comfort and service to our clients and customers.

How we help

We are a compassionate and caring partner attuned to compliance, accessibility, and the patient experience. Let The Car Park tailor a solution that meets your requirements.

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