EV ChargingStations

The future of the American car is here: electric vehicle sales made up 2.5 percent of all car registrations in 2020; by 2035, it is expected that one in six cars will be electric. The EV space is rapidly expanding and changing, but The Car Park can help you stay on top of the latest solutions to offer a full range of practical, efficient services to EV drivers.

Charging station placement

We assist clients in placing stations in locations where EV owners are most likely to use them, including frequently visited parking garages and highly trafficked municipal buildings.

Marketing and wayfinding

Our services include EV marketing and wayfinding services so parkers understand, and can locate, the services available to them.

Integrated solutions

Charging solutions include AC or DC options, driver apps and software management tools. We encourage clients to provide a range of charging options to avoid paying for expensive adaptors.

How we help

Whether you are offering EV charging stations as a free amenity or as a paid-for service, we’re here to help. Many municipalities and building owners are recognizing the potential of EV charging stations as another source of revenue. Our mobile payment solutions allow EV users to pay for their time at the charging station with just a few taps on their phone — and also track and pay fines when users overstay their time limit.

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