Valet parking is often the first connection a person makes on their journey, and it can set the tone for the rest of their trip. Hospitals, cruise ship terminals, malls, and hotes across the country rely on our valet services.

Exceptional training

The Car Park not only trains valets using Forbes Five-Star customer training but helps you retain these highly skilled employees for a smoother, dedicated customer experience.

Ticketless payments

All credit card valet parking revenue is captured using handheld ticketless equipment that connects to the cloud and allows for contactless payments. Cash is handled through the property custody chain using the two-person system. Any vehicle information, including photos of vehicle damage, can be uploaded to the cloud via the ticketless system.

Text-based communication

When a customer is ready to retrieve the car, the customer simply responds to the welcome text generated by the cloud-based ticketless equipment system at check-in.

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