License PlateRecognition

Our automated, gated, and gateless parking solutions are designed around sophisticated license plate recognition (LPR) parking enforcement systems, providing parkers with simple, efficient parking.

Parking and Mobility Management

LPR systems optimize staffing needs, drastically reduce the risk of missing valuable revenue opportunities, inform policy decisions, and provide parkers with occupancy and pricing options in real time. We utilize LPR technology not only with garage PARCS systems, but also with our fully integrated enforcement management systems for on-street applications, surface lot applications.

The Car Park is equipped to customize, select, install, provide enhanced branding, and manage LPR enhanced PARCS systems. From single locations to large multi-garage gated or gateless operations, our experience includes working with all major PARCS manufacturers. In addition, we have the capacity to carry the financing for these useful tools to ensure our clients are using the best systems available.

We team this leading-edge technology with service provided by global leaders in access and revenue management, providing more accurate revenue control every step of the way, along with reporting that lets you track income in real time.

Technology Management Tools

We utilize LPR technology management tools in a variety of applications including garage management, enforcement, and event services to produce seamless experiences for parkers, streamline parking management and produce real-time insight, reporting and data visualization to make strategic decisions regarding pricing and marketing strategies.


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